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my story is a wild one.

A multi-passionate artist turned creativepreneur coach + mentor.

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I'm originally from the suburbs of Greenville, SC. My childhood screamed multi-passionate artist, so when I moved away to Savannah, GA to go to art school.. noone was surprised. There I studied many things, but I left Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in building arts and moved to Atlanta, GA for the next 6 years. I went on into the world of corporate design, renovations, and so on... until I decided to apply my passion for the arts into the Beauty Industry. There I really found a place to shine and be myself. 

My first gallery "show" clearly my hair and teeth were thriving.


While working as Creative Lead for a local clean beauty salon, I did everything from social media management, PR, to in-store design all while expanding my client base as a makeup artist. Within the first year of my beauty business, I was awarded by Jezebel Magazine, Best Makeup Artist in Atlanta for 2016 and one of "5 Makeup Artists to Know Now". While balancing a booming bridal business, I also spread my wings into being a set makeup artist. I worked on sets of all sizes and forms.. from big budget TV, music videos, and editorial photoshoots.


During this time I also worked SO MANY amazing people from clients like Nathalie Kelley, Sophia Lillis, Shannon Purser and more to amazing photographers, set designers, stylists, hair stylists, producers... I mean you name it! Being surrounded by so many talented artists was infectious and I built a strong community of creatives from all professions. I also worked with brands like Polaroid, Converse, Sephora, Pravana, Wella Professional, Peter Coppola, to name a few. 

Jezebel Magazine Best of Atlanta Awards 2016


Once I was exposed to this creative family, I had to do more than makeup. A natural evolution happened where Photographer, Valheria Rocha, and I were at NYFW working for a week and each day God kind of smacked me in the forehead with you're supposed to be an artist manager in the most blatant conversations.


I decided, luckily, to listen to these messages and managed somehow to snag Valheria as my first client. Things grew quickly from there and I registered my own business, The Doormann, LLC for the first time. Within our first year, my team and I worked on projects I could not have even dreamed of. One of which, being Taylor Swift's 7th iconic album, "Lover", which was created by Valheria. 

Taylor Swift, Me!, Photo: Valheria Rocha, All Rights 13 Management

I am so glad that I listened to the signs God and the universe were screaming at me. I have really found my place helping other artists and brands start strategically and expand their capacities.


I have finally found my medium.. and it's you.

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