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Need help balancing it all.. while defining strategies for continued growth? My full time management plan takes this head on. Our free consultation will give you more information and see if this is the best fit for you, or if one of our package options below is where you need to start! Either way, I am here to hold the door for you.

Not everyone is ready for full-scale, traditional management contract. And that's okay! So, until you get there.. let me figure out a custom package for you that is accessible, while helping you grow as a brand and propel you towards a successful career.

Best part is, you pay as you go. So as your brand grows (so will your needs)..so does your package. Flexible and no scary contract lengths that lock you in for a daunting period of time. I want to be just as accountable at helping you work towards your goal as you are. 

All of our packages start with The Basics - "Get Centered" Package.


  • Positivity / Life Coaching

  • Business Perspective Coaching

  • Time Management Coaching

  • Career Focus Coaching

  • Interest Integration Development 

From there, based on our consultation/assessment we can make recommendations for the ad-ons that make sense for you at the time:

Build A Brand: 

  • Personal Brand Development / Ideation

  • Brand Outreach and Pitch Development Consulting

  • Social Branding Strategy Development


  • Networking Coaching/ representation

  • Daily platform marketing

Busy Bee:

  • Business Correspondence

  • Business processes consulting / development

Get in the Door:

  • portfolio building/analysis

  • agency procurement

  • preferred team building

Expand Your Horizons:

  • Be a Part DoorMann Travel team trips

  • Travel coordination

Know Where You Stand:

  • full social media analysis

Get It Done:

  • Time Management Strategy/Implementation

  • Calendar creation

  • Deadline check-ins

Testing the Waters (A la Carte Option)


  • Option 1: 

    • Ask away. No content restrictions.

    • 60min Per Phone Conference / Video if needed.

    • 3 follow up emails regarding conference.

  • Option 2:

    • Ask away. No content restrictions.

    • book three 60 min sessions

    • 3 follow up emails per session

Brand Management

Representing indie/major/startups:

  • branding (digital and instore)

  • networking

  • public relations

  • marketing concept development

  • event coordination

  • social media assessment and management

  • team building 

  • communication consulting

  • scheduling

  • resource management

  • client outreach

  • community outreach


Social Media Management

Representing indie/major/startups:

  • full social media assessment

  • branding a digital voice

  • client and brand engagement

  • concept development

  • art direction

  • content creation

  • marketing concept development

  • post scheduling

  • online community building 

  • basic graphics